Stagg GDC-6 Universal Guitar Stand Case

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Stagg Universal Guitar Stand for up to 6 Electric or 3 Acoustic Guitars. Guitar storage, both on and off stage, has always been tricky. Most guitar and bass players end up with multiple instruments and while separate stands are great at first they take up a lot of room. While taking your full guitar rack to every gig might sound great, having the next band stare at you angrily as you dissassemble your rack and store it away wont do you any favours. This case unfolds quickly and when you're done just remove your guitars and fold away, simple. == Space saving yet stylish == The GDC-6 is nothing if not innovative, you can store your axes safe, theres even space for your band's gear (unless you really need 6 electrics to choose from on stage). Any gear you have to carry to a gig can become really inconvenient really quickly after your set, but a fold away guitar stand no bigger than a briefcase shouldn't prove too much hassle. A hardshell case and plush lining provides great protection for your equipment. Say goodbye to balancing your guitar on your case or resting it against an amp hoping the vibration doesn't knock it over. Guitars not included.